Il notaio


Giovanni Cesàro,

after graduating with honors at the Faculty of Law of the University of Naples “Federico II”, he has passed the exam in order to practice as a solicitor/attorney at law and he won - by finishing among the top - the first notarial competition which he attended.

In civil law systems the activities of the Notary are equivalent to the operations of solicitor in common law.

He works as a Notary since 1980 in the notarial district of Naples, Torre Annunziata and Nola.

For over thirty years he has worked closely with the Civil Law Chair of the Law Faculty of the University of Naples “Federico II”, first as a researcher and after as professor.

He has also worked at the Postgraduate School of Civil Law of the University of Naples “Federico II”, as professor, for more than ten years, in the following subjects:

"Tecnique of contract drafting";

"Analysis of the law of contract".

He was also a professor at the Preparatory Course for Notarial Exam in Naples - Foundation "E. Casale " - and keynote speaker (referee/rapporteur) in numerous conferences.

He is the author of a lot of publications on legal matters, especially on corporate, real estate and contract matters. In particular, he is the author of several studies on the subject of preliminary contact, filiation, leasing, split - up of company , business corporations, trusts and fixed real estate investment, which have been published in the journals "Contracts", "The Corporations", "Magazine of Notaries", "Law and jurisprudence " (where “jurisprudence“ means “line of decision”),"Journal notary" and" Undertaking law Review. "

In addition to ordinary notarial activities, he has gained particular experience in the following areas: company law, banking law, succession on death, trusts, family agreements and non-profit organizations.

He speaks English.